Just Engaged? 10 Things To Do As You Plan An Austin Wedding

You’re engaged, congrats! You’ve taken a month (or just 2 days – that was me) to soak it all in and now it’s time to jump into planning. I can imagine there’s a lot going through your head right now, especially where to start. Don’t fret! I’m here to share with you the 10 things to do as you plan an Austin wedding.

10 Things To Do As You Plan An Austin Wedding

  1. Set your budget: This will be the foundation of your entire planning process. Your budget dictates how many guests to invite, establishes your priorities, and overall can keep you on track for financial success as you step into marriage. (AKA – let’s not go into debt in this new season.)
  2. Consider your wedding date: Are you thinking of a winter, spring, summer, or fall wedding? Are there any Austin festivals/events happening around your desired date that may cause an issue?
  3. Begin venue research: With your wedding style in mind, consider venues that align with your vision, budget, and ideal guest count. If a summer or winter wedding, be kind to your guests and select an indoor venue. If a spring/fall wedding, outdoor works great! However, be sure to have an inclement weather contingency plan.
  4. Schedule venue tours: Be prepared with questions for your venue guide. Does the venue come with tables/chairs? Who sets them up? How early can we set up? Are on-site rehearsals allowed? Can we select our own vendors or do you have a mandatory vendor list? What is your inclement weather plan?
  5. Book venue: Yay! You have a wedding date! Ask your venue for a layout planner and their preferred vendor list. Be sure to cover yourself and purchase event insurance in case the unexpected were to happen. Event insurance is typically $200 – $500 depending on your overall budget.

Tell Me The Next 5!

  1. Hire a planner or coordinator: This most likely is your first wedding – do yourself a favor and leave the heavy lifting to a pro that can guide and support your wedding day.
  2. Hire your *vital* vendors: Is there anyone in particular that you REALLY want to be at your wedding? Photographers tend to go fast – be sure to book your favorite early on.
  3. Look into marriage counseling/prep: I cannot emphasize this enough – taking the time to learn more about your partner/prep for marriage is the best thing you can do for your relationship. This is typically a safe place to talk about the hard things and to learn how to support one another better than you already are.
  4. Choose your wedding attendants and invite them to your wedding party: Invite your gals and guys so they can put your date on the books ASAP. And not to mention, begin creating fun ideas for your bach parties!
  5. Create a simple timeline: This will be helpful as you chat with vendors about your wedding day. I always suggest determining when sunset is and working back 1.5 hours to set your ceremony time. From start to finish, the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception are an average of 6 hours.

I hope this helps get you started! If you need further guidance on the planning process, be sure to fill out our inquiry form and we’d love to chat!

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