With our approach to planning,

the goal is to ensure our couples feel supported.

Supported in their vision, spending, relationship, and navigating difficult decisions. Years from now when the swiftness of life begins to slow down, that silly grin will come across your face as you think about your wedding day. Grabbing bae by the suspenders and pulling them in for your first kiss, jumping on stage with the band and singing your heart out to "September" (and heck YES you hit the high note), spinning around with your hands in the air as the confetti cannon launched.

The day? Killer. The memories? Irreplaceable. 

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Yes, I love the word


 I view it as being unashamedly head-over-heals for someone and endlessly giddy. When you’re smitten, you’re not just in love, you’re crushin’ on someone. Hard. While we adore planning beautiful, colorful, brilliant wedding days, our greatest desire is for you and your person to feel just as smitten 50 years from now as the day you said, “I Do.” Let us create something beautiful, but most importantly, let us champion you. 

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In Ink’s name is two-fold. It took some wrestling to come up with a name because Sydney wanted it to mean something and to represent her. Nothing too girly, nothing generic. ⁠She thought about the permanence of marriage and how your wedding day is one of the biggest events in your life! Something we should put... in ink! ⁠For those who know her well, she also goes by Squid. (Sydney -> Syd -> Squid. You do the math.) What do squids make best? Ink!

The tally is in - our emergency kit carries over 70 pieces of equipment. Your Marry Poppins planner has got you covered. 

We LOVE talking about setting expectations with your person so there’s no surprises before/after your wedding. Let’s set your relationship up for success!

We’re HUGE advocates of walking through the Honeymoon Blues with you. What is that? Believe it or not, many will lament the end of their engagement/wedding season and it can be difficult to proces. This is COMPLETELY normal and we want to walk through it with you. 

On your wedding day we want to set ourselves up for success just as we have for you! This means selfcare - you’ll find us starting the day with a coffee from our favorite joint, taking time to scribble in a journal, and finding a form of movement (yoga or walking the dog) so we’re top knotch for your day!

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