December 15, 2022

5 reasons why you need to hire a wedding professional planner for your Austin wedding

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In Ink designs + plans intimate weddings for Austin and San Antonio couples who believe their day should be an illustration of their EPIC love story. A dash of whimsical edge, a spritz of unconventional sparkle, and a party that beams with your personality!

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From ranch weddings to traditional church receptions, Austin is one of the best places in the country to get married. Although I might be a little biased. I’ve helped tens of Texan couples say I do in America’s lone star state. And in my time serving these loved-up couples, I’ve encountered just about every hurdle a soon-to-be bride and groom could face when planning a wedding in Texas. I know having a proficient wedding planner at their side made the planning process simpler and more enjoyable for them. With this in mind, I’m sharing 5 reasons why you need to hire a wedding planner in Austin, Texas.

For their local connections

Texas is the second biggest state in the US. And with such a large state comes a lot of businesses. While I champion being surrounded by incredible small businesses, I know it can be overwhelming on the flip side when you’re searching for the right business for your needs.

Too much choice can quickly turn from a kid in a candy shop to having too many avenues and not knowing what road to take. Working with a planner will streamline these choices and send you in the right direction.

Every Austin, Texas wedding planner will have a list of reputable vendors they’ve worked with before or have built reliable business relationships with. Instead of spending hours researching and reading testimonials, your planner will provide a curated list of stand-out vendors for you to choose from.

Similar to knowing local vendors, Austin, Texas wedding planners will also know the best venues in the area. Many of these might have even had weddings before! Knowledge of local wedding venues will benefit you in the research and selection process. Instead of visiting loads of locations, you can ask your planner which places are more likely to suit your needs and style.

Working with an established Austin, Texas wedding planner means automatically accessing a list of local businesses and benefitting from long-term business relationships. Sounds pretty incredible to me!

To enjoy your special day

Yes, a wedding planner will save you time, connect you with the best businesses, and make sure everything runs according to plan on your special day. But, the biggest benefit to hiring a wedding planner is the ability to enjoy your day. 

No dealing with last-minute emergencies, worrying about guests feeling tended to, or ensuring everything happens on time— your planner will take care of all this and more. 

When you have a wedding planner, all you need to focus on is saying I do and letting your hair down at the after-party, of course. Your wedding day is yours, and you shouldn’t spend it worrying. A wedding planner makes the best day of your life truly feel like it’s one in a million and utterly unforgettable.

To guarantee you’re getting the most from your investment

Would you believe me if I said spending money on a wedding planner would save you money in the long run? Well, it’s true! Investing in a wedding planner means working with someone who knows how to budget for a wedding really, really well. It’s my un-humble brag.

I know what the average cost for a wedding in Austin, Texas is, I know how much your dream wedding costs, and I understand how to make the most of your budget.

Instead of paying above average for your floral arrangements, throwing too much money at your bar, or overspending just to eliminate stress, I’ll keep the finances on track. I’ll advise you financially while corresponding with other businesses to guarantee you’re getting what you want for a price you’re willing to pay. And I’ll always stay within budget because I want your life post-wedding to be as fulfilling and wonderful as your wedding day.

To ensure everything runs smoothly and according to your timeline

If you opt for a full wedding planning service or day of coordination with your Austin, Texas wedding planner, they’ll work with you to create a timeline of your wedding day. Instead of worrying about having enough time to capture the perfect photographs post-ceremony and pre-reception, your wedding planner will have accounted for this time and planned accordingly. All you have to do is smile and enjoy your day with those you love.

To make sure no detail of your vision is overlooked

You have a vision of your special day. From the floral bouquets to the mobile bar, you know how everything needs to look and feel. But bringing this dream vision to life and ensuring everything goes according to plan isn’t easy. Yes, this is the most special day of your life, but that doesn’t stop the universe from throwing unexpected curveballs when you least expect them. The truth is, planning and designing a wedding is difficult. And it’s even trickier for those who don’t have years of wedding experience under their belt. 

Working with an Austin, Texas, wedding planner means guaranteeing every detail of your day is respected, cherished, and overseen with the utmost care. I know the small details make all the difference. And working with a wedding planner means every element (no matter how big or small) of your vision is brought to life.

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