June 26, 2023

Why Austin Wedding Rentals are Better than DIY

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Sydney Meyer

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Austin is known for hosting some extravagant wedding celebrations! From grand florals to custom dancefloors and everything in between, we are here for a statement moment. But what really makes a difference and sets the Austin wedding market apart from anyone else is couples deciding to rent pieces vs. DIY! You can rent everything from table linens, glassware, bar fronts, signage, and much more! Here are the top five reasons why Austin wedding rentals might be a better fit for you than DIY:

1. Time-Saving

The most common thing in the Austin wedding market is couples trying to make their own signage! Hiring a signage vendor will save you time and stress those last few weeks before your wedding day. No need to stress about completing that seating chart or figuring out what place cards look like; your signage vendor will handle all of this!

2. Cost Saving

Candles are one of those things that many people think, “It will be cheaper if I just buy them.” However, when it comes to buying them, it costs more than just renting them through your florist. Plus, now you have 50+ candles, votives, and holders you have nothing to do with OR have to spend time on re-selling. (Be sure to check out our tips when creating your wedding budget.)

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3. Eco-Friendly Wedding Rentals

In addition to saving you time and money, renting items for your wedding day is also better for the environment! Why buy or DIY something for one-time use when you can rent the same thing and save resources that helps the environment?

4. Zero Clean-Up at the End of the Night

Your wedding is over, and you are heading to your after-party, but who is responsible for cleaning up and taking home that grand seating chart you made or all of those table linens or chargers? With all Austin wedding rentals, the rental company will come back at the end of the evening to gather everything! So you can head to your after-party with no care in the world!

5. Professional Quality

If we haven’t convinced you already, this will do you in! Renting in the Austin wedding market 100% comes with professional quality! Everything from signage to bar fronts is done with the most high-end quality and experience!

So are you on team wedding rentals?

If you are ready to start your rental journey, schedule a call today with our In Ink Weddings full-service team, and we will help you with every aspect of your wedding planning journey, including ALL the rentals!

To get you started, here are some of our favorite Austin wedding rental companies:

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