July 25, 2023

How much does an Austin Wedding cost? Your Ultimate Pricing Breakdown

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You’ve got your heart set on that fun and upbeat Austin-based planner. You know extravagant, elaborate florals are a must. And you need an open bar to serve all your family and friends in style. But how much does this cost, and is it in your budget?

When it comes to planning your wedding, you’re going to have a lot of questions. And one thing you’ll find yourself asking often is, “how much does this cost?” If you’re unfamiliar with the wedding industry it’s likely you’re entering the planning process with no idea how much an Austin, Texas, wedding costs. Why would you know? You wanted to plan a beautiful wedding to celebrate the union of your love, not get bogged down in prices and budgeting.

Working with a local Austin, Texas, wedding planner will help you stay on budget, but it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the average cost of a wedding in Austin, Texas, and the things that will influence this.

Every Austin wedding is unique

The first thing to remember is that every couple and every Austin wedding is unique. You’re all asking the same question: how much does a wedding cost in Austin? But, really, you’re asking, how much will my wedding cost in Austin? And that answer will differ depending on your priorities and choices.

Your preferences will influence your wedding-day spending

While one couple might value an intimate soirée with a small guest list and minimalist decor, another will want a champagne-popping celebration with an expansive guest list, large bridal party, and all-out decor. Ultimately, the latter couple is going to pay more for what they want.

Factors that influence your wedding cost

Let’s break down a few popular wedding details and features that will influence your wedding.

For most couples, the most expensive aspect of their Austin wedding will be the location. Wedding venues will differ largely in regard to capacity, style, and amenities. It’s important you consider these factors and don’t just pick your wedding venue based on aesthetics.

If your venue includes food and drinks catering, this is something you can take off your budget and potentially save money on.

The best way to understand what your venue is going to cost is to discuss with your planner and the venue owner and ask for a breakdown of the price for what’s included.

Another factor to consider is drinks; will you have an open bar? Although treating your guests to their refreshments is kind, this can result in a significant bar tab. Consider if an open bar is essential to you, or whether you can compromise with a free drink on entry or a complimentary bottle of champagne on every table.

What do the statistics say about the price of getting married in
Austin, Texas?

Although statistics won’t account for your personal choices and priorities, they’re a useful indicator of what you can expect to spend for a wedding of your size and design.

The cost of your wedding venue

In Austin, you can expect to pay upwards of $4,000 for a basic venue and around $7,500+ for a high-end venue of around 100-150 guests.

The cost of catering

Catering is calculated according to guest count. Therefore, if you have more guests, you’ll pay more for your catering. The minimum you’ll pay per head in Austin is ~$35. Depending on your caterer and menu, you can pay upwards of $150 per head.

The cost of photography

The average price for an Austin, Texas wedding photographer is $5,000. However, the service package, experience, and expertise of your chosen photographer will influence the price.

The cost of florals

Florals tend to be the most surprising cost for couples. Many brides and grooms want beautiful, fresh flowers throughout their wedding. But, they aren’t aware of the care and dedication that goes into nurturing and designing beautiful floral displays. For a mid-size wedding, the average floral spend is $5,000.

The cost of your flowers will depend on your wedding design. But, don’t underestimate the price and importance of working with a great florist on your wedding day.

The cost of an In Ink Weddings + Events wedding

My clients tend to spend between $60k – $100k on their wedding day. Every couple uses their budget differently, but I’m here to ensure they get the most for their investment and their biggest desires are met.

How does a wedding in Austin compare to the rest of the USA?

Despite Austin being a vast state with lots of wedding businesses and beautiful venues, it’s not the most expensive state to say I do in. According to Value Penguin, Massachusetts is the priciest state to wed. Meanwhile, Arkansas and West Virginia are the cheapest. Texas ranks in the middle, not being the most affordable or expensive place to get married—
although, I’d definitely say it’s the best place to get married.

Budgeting for a wedding can quickly become overwhelming. It’s unlikely you’ve ever planned anything of this magnitude before (and if you have, go you!) It’s natural to feel lost and confused regarding wedding budgeting— that’s what your wedding planner is there for. Instead of fretting about figures, you can trust your planner. Your Austin wedding planner will respect your vision, value your priorities, and work hard to create the wedding of your dreams within your price range.

All you have to do is decide what features are most important to you and turn up ready to say your part on the big day—what could be easier than that?

To say I love you from this day forward means I will love you,

no matter what.

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