July 27, 2022

Don’t Save Your Wedding Cake’s Top Tier: 6 Reasons Why

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Sure, saving your wedding cake’s top tier always sounds like a great idea at first, but is it actually worth it? In short, the answer is no. However, we’re here to share with you the “why” and what you can do as an alternative.

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Let’s start with my experience saving my wedding cake’s top tier.

My husband and I had the BEST cake ever from Susie Cakes in Dallas, TX. I’m a hardcore fan of anything citrus in desserts (hello, key lime pie – my forever fav), so of course, we ordered a lemon curd wedding cake.

The cake was a hit and we were so excited to take some home to save for our anniversary.

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Now, let’s go into the breakdown of why you don’t save your wedding cake’s top tier.

  1. Managing the cake after the wedding was so stressful. All of our friends/family were from out of town so we didn’t expect anyone to take decor/food/CAKE along with them. To preserve the cake until we got home, we stored the tier in our hotel fridge. First question – we all know how stinking small those fridges are, right? Second question – who on Earth wants to fumble up to their hotel room with all their belongings while also managing a wedding cake? Be a good bride/groom, don’t put that responsibility on someone to handle. Even if they can, keep following along with why you shouldn’t.
  2. Wow, since when did we have such limited freezer space? Once we transported the cake home and squeezed it into a large Tupperware container, we managed to fit it in the freezer… at the expense of other foods and taking up so much space. But we could last a year like this, right?
  3. A year went by… guess what didn’t last? My husband and I were gearing up for our 1-year anniversary/delayed honeymoon (thanks COVID) and went back and forth if we wanted to eat our cake before or after the trip. Begrudgingly, I agreed to have it once we got back home. (I WANTED THE LEMON, NOW.) Upon our return, we walked into the apartment and something didn’t smell right. I made sure all the trash was emptied and the sink was cleaned before leaving… what happened? We were informed that 2 days into our trip the complex lost power and everything but our fridge decided to turn back on. What does that mean? Week old rotten food and a very, very sad no-longer-preserved wedding cake. (You better believe I gave my hubs a big fat “I TOLD YOU SO.” Lol.)

Okay, I’m listening…

4. Even if it does last, many couples complain that it doesn’t taste like it did the day of their wedding. Which I mean… it’s year-old food made with quality ingredients and without harsh preservatives. Makes sense to me.

5. On the upside, your bakery most likely still serves your cake. As you can tell, I was pretty bummed about the cake but I let it go. However, my husband sweetly surprised me with a 10″ lemon curd cake to make up for our loss of ours. And guess what? It tasted AMAZING.

6. Just like many florists gift you a free toss bouquet, many bakeries will gift you a free anniversary tier as a thank you. (They, too, do not want you to go through the struggles of preserving a cake.) If the opportunity presents itself, I highly recommend not passing it up. And if it doesn’t, trust me, spending $30-$50 on a small tier or even just two slices (if allowed) is totally worth it.

Wedding Cake's Top Tier

The moral of the story?

It’s not worth the headache trying to save your wedding cake’s top tier. Get yourself a fresh bite and relish the same taste to celebrate your anniversary! 🙂

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