June 19, 2023

Essential Items to Include in a Stunning Flat Lay for Your Photographer

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Flat Lays are always the images I love seeing when we receive galleries from past couples or photographers! But why are they so important? For the In Ink Wedding team, these photos remind us of your wedding day through the colors, the overall feel, and seeing what is important to you as a couple!

Flat Lay photos are typically the first photos taken when your photographer arrives on your wedding day. To make this process easier, have a box ready to go of items that you want them to include. So what is typical, or what should you include in this magical box? We have compiled a list of the top things we would include in your flat lay box! (Be sure to check out our ultimate wedding day packing list as well!)

Invitation Suite

This is a must! If you don’t bring anything else, this is the one thing! Being able to photograph your invitation is such a sentimental thing that brings your wedding day full circle.

Save the Date

Having your Save the Date is something sweet to include because it completes your invitation suite. Sometimes your photographer will include this in your invitation photos!

Wedding Rings, Engagement Ring, Ring Box

You will already have these on your wedding day but make sure you get them cleaned so they are ready to sparkle! If you’re looking for a cute, color matching ringbox, be sure to check out Amazon.


This could include everything from your earrings, necklaces, cuff links, etc.

Perfume & Cologne

Showcase the scent you are wearing that day! This is also a good thing for a memory!


Having your shoes ready to go is a great way to add texture to your flat lays; plus, who doesn’t want to show off those rockin’ kicks?

Heirlooms & Treasured Trinkets

This could include anything special from a family member (i.e. a necklace, rosary, or handkerchief) or a treasured item you want to include on your wedding day.

Floral Trimmings

Include this in your floral contract with your florist! Having florals definitely elevates your Flat Lays and will add another element to them!

Tie and/or Bow Tie

Showcase what the Groom and Groomsmen will wear! This is an easy detail that is fun to add if you do a Groom-focused Flat Lay.

Soft ribbon

This is something your photographer may already have, but if you have a special ribbon included in your invitations or as decor for your wedding day, this is a great time to photograph it!

Flay Lays are there to remember all the little details of your wedding day that may get overseen or missed with all the other beautiful things happening!

So make sure to include anything else that reflects your one-of-a-kind day that is important to you as a couple! Remember, the more, the better. You won’t regret it!

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