February 20, 2023

Once-popular Wedding Trends That Are Out For 2023-2024

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We recently discussed 2023 Austin, Texas wedding trends. And if you’re like us, you’re pretty excited about what’s in store. But, as we welcome a host of exciting, new wedding trends, it’s time to explore what wedding trends are out in 2023 and 2024.

As someone getting married over the next two years, you might have mixed feelings about bidding these popular trends goodbye. But, on the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing wedding trends fade. 2010s Cadbury’s purple wedding, anyone? Yeah, we thought not.

In this post, we’re sharing wedding trends that are out for 2023 and 2024. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of these trends, and read our post on current wedding trends for inspiration!

It’s the nature of a trend to increase and decrease in popularity. Merriam-Webster defines ‘trends’ as a current style or preference. By this definition, as general opinions and habits change, so do trends.

The wedding industry is no exception when it comes to trend cycles. Couples in 2020 don’t want the same decor, experiences, and food that 2010 couples had.

What influences wedding trends?

A range of things can influence wedding trends. Social events, celebrity culture, high-fashion, politics, weather, design, and location are some of the influences behind trends.

As an Austin-based wedding planner, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on Austin, Texas, wedding trends and the industry as a whole. Partly because we want to be able to serve and share our couples to the highest standards but also because trends are fun!

We love how trends can convey so much about a couple and the season of life getting married in. But that doesn’t mean we’re sometimes secretly smirking when a trend makes its way to the door.

Although trend popularity increases and decreases, couples will always have differing opinions on wedding trends. One engaged Austin, Texas couple might love a trend while another despises it.

A common misconception is that using trends in your wedding day is unoriginal and over-saturated. We believe trends can always be made your own. Using trends doesn’t mean an absence of personality. The trends you choose are how you can express and exemplify personal touches.

Wedding trends you won’t see in Austin in 2023-2024

Now that we’re clear on what wedding trends are and how they influence a couple’s wedding choice, let’s look at some wedding trends you won’t see in Austin in 2023-2024. These trends have had their time in the limelight and aren’t as popular as they once were.

Cookie-cutter Weddings

We have to be honest. Cookie-cutter weddings were never a trend we got onboard with. We understand it can be difficult not to get swept away by Pinterest boards and Instagram posts. But copycat weddings have never been our thing.

At In Ink Weddings & Events, we consider our couples’ inspiration and use it to create a wedding that’s personal to them. When couples work with us, I want them to feel respected and understood— this is never more important than when it comes to their wedding design and timeline. You should walk into your wedding feeling like it’s an extension of you and a reflection of the love you share. A cookie-cutter wedding is never going to give you that feeling.

Our motto? Say goodbye to cookie-cutter, but never to cookies. Sweet treats are always a good wedding day idea!

Over-the-top Decor

I promise this whole post won’t be me saying no-no to Pinterest-inspired weddings. We love Pinterest and all the bubbly, excited feelings it gives our couples. But sometimes, it can lead to excess.

You started the planning process by saying you wanted an intimate, unassuming wedding where your friends and family can relax and reminisce in your favorite Austin spots. And now, your board is filled with celebrity celebrations and weddings that double up as a trip to the farm.
Sound familiar?

While we’re not against celebrity bashes or your pup walking you down the aisle, all-out isn’t in anymore. Over-the-top decor is one of the wedding trends that are out for 2023. Instead, couples are choosing purposeful, curated, and minimalist decor that aligns with their true preferences and creates a calming environment. Maybe like what you had in mind before hopping onto Pinterest?

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Just as OTT doesn’t equal better decor, bigger guest lists and venues don’t mean a more enjoyable wedding experience.

Since COVID, fewer couples are choosing large, extravagant weddings. Instead, these post-pandemic couples prioritize intimate gatherings with the people closest to them. The pressure to invite everyone you’ve ever spoken with— sorry mom, I’m not inviting your mailman!— isn’t impacting 2023/24 couples as much.

Our current clients are happy to cut the guest list and create a more intentional wedding experience, and we’re here for it. Small guest lists mean smaller venues (of which Austin has so many incredible ones) and more time to enjoy your wedding with the people you care about.
Sorry mom’s mailman.

Themed Weddings

Themed weddings are like your teenage emo phase— something you look back on with fondness and a warm heart or pure disdain. It might just be because I’m not a gambler, but this isn’t a risk I’d take.

Imagine looking back on your wedding with regret. Your theme hasn’t aged well, it’s no longer relevant, or you simply wish you’d opted for something timeless.

Maybe it was a phase after all.

Although we believe themed weddings aren’t always a mistake, we understand the majority of couples later view them this way. With couples regretting their themed wedding, it’s no wonder word has spread, and they’re decreasing in popularity.

If you’re looking for something fun and whimsical but still timeless and classic, our blog post on quirky & vibrant wedding inspiration can help.

Over-the-top Bridal Dresses

Not every bride wants Emily In Paris levels of extra, and we can appreciate that. Over-the-top bridal dresses are one of the wedding trends that are out for 2023.

2023 and 2024 brides choose more sophisticated silhouettes paired with fabrics, details, and textures that don’t confine them to the ever-changing tide of fashion trends. These dresses look as at home on a 2023 Austin bride as they would a 1960s bride.

Statement pieces such as shoes, veils, jewelry, and hairpieces are still popular. But simpler, classic gowns are replacing extravagant dresses. (We LOVE a pearled veil.)

5 wedding trends that are out for 2023

Can I still use one of these wedding trends?

Did your heart sink at one of these wedding trends that are out for 2023? If so, don’t worry! Just because these trends are less popular doesn’t mean you can’t have one of them on your wedding day. Your wedding should be a reflection of your personality, and if one of these trends resonates with you, embrace it! Just make sure to triple-check you’re not going to look back on it with regret!

What wedding trends will replace these?

As we say goodbye to these 5 wedding trends that are out for 2023, it’s time to welcome a new selection of 2023 wedding trends. This year, we’re getting ultra-specific and sharing 2023 Austin, Texas wedding trends for our southern-based soon-to-be newlyweds. You can read that post here.

Work with an Austin-based wedding planner who understands trends

There’s a balance between hopping on a trend and intentionally incorporating it into your wedding. At In Ink Weddings & Events, we work with you to utilize wedding trends in a way that still looks and feels distinctly you.

As I said, we’re only into cookies, not cook-cutters, and we take that approach with everything we do. You can learn more about us via our website, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you have— trends, cookies, or otherwise.

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