February 17, 2023

2023 Austin Wedding Trends You Need To Know About

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Sydney Meyer

In Ink designs + plans intimate weddings for Austin and San Antonio couples who believe their day should be an illustration of their EPIC love story. A dash of whimsical edge, a spritz of unconventional sparkle, and a party that beams with your personality!

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With a new wedding season comes a host of note-worthy wedding trends. I’d be lying if I said experimenting with Austin, Texas wedding trends wasn’t one of the things I look forward to most during engagement season!

I believe wedding trends add a touch of modern society to one of our oldest and most valued traditions. They’re a way for us to infuse personality, creativity, and individuality into your wedding day. But, as a planner who has been on both sides of Austin’s wedding industry (bride and expert), I know how overwhelming trends can be.

With so many design options and timeline choices, understanding current trends and whether they belong in your special day can feel like another box to tick on your wedding planning to-do list.

Thankfully, you’ve got a trend-loving planner here to talk you through all the 2023 Austin, Texas wedding trends worth knowing about.

Pinterest boards at the ready, let’s begin.

What is a wedding trend?

Before getting carried away, let’s go back to basics. What is a wedding trend? And, more specifically, what is an Austin, Texas, 2023 wedding trend?

Wedding trends are popular designs or experiences that several couples elect to have on their special day. Often, creativity and events outside the industry inspire wedding trends. For example, catwalks may influence bridal gowns, other design industries can increase color popularity, and global happenings (remember the pandemic?) often impact a couple’s venue and guest-list priorities.

However, on a smaller scale, different states and regions have distinct wedding trends. Industry and society still influence state-based trends. But, the climate, belief systems, media, and way of life tend to make some wedding trends more prominent in certain areas.

For couples getting wed in Texas, you’ll be more aware of (and likely drawn to) 2023 Austin, Texas, wedding trends.

The 2023 Austin Wedding Trends You Need To Know About

Proposal parties

I can’t lie to you. I am always down for a wedding-related celebration. Engagement parties, wedding receptions, bach parties — the list goes on.

My point is, celebrating with loved ones, dancing the night away, and reminiscing over old stories is what weddings are all about. So, if there’s an opportunity for another celebration, In Ink will be there, handing out champagne flutes and ensuring everyone is on their way to the dance floor.

Planning a wedding (even with an Austin wedding planner) is emotionally and mentally demanding. When was the last time you planned/oversaw a spectacular get-together with all your friends and family and started a new chapter of your life at the same time? Thought so…

My point is that wedding planning can be difficult. And you might not feel like celebrating while you’re choosing photographers and attending cake tastings. Having a proposal party is a pre-wedding warm-up to make sure all your dance floor moves are in check. What could be more fun than that?

(If we’re being honest, I loved my proposal party even more than my wedding day. I loved how intimate and stress-free it was with my closest loved ones! Guilty plug.)

Intimate weddings

A popular pandemic wedding trend that’s still popular is intimate weddings. Intimate weddings have smaller guest lists, usually with minimalist designs and features. Although that’s not to say intimate weddings aren’t as breathtaking as Gatsby-style celebrations.

Intimate weddings don’t compromise on personality but instead focus on curation and purpose. Smaller weddings mean more time connecting with those closest to you and fewer moments fretting over who you still need to chat with.

Locally sourced food

With so much homegrown and locally farmed food in Austin, it’s a wonder couples opt for anything else.

We’re big foodies, so we understand how important a tastebud-tickling meal is for your guests. And locally sourced food guarantees the freshest, most authentic, and flavorsome dishes. And it means supporting local Austin businesses and reducing the carbon footprint of your wedding! Tastes good and does well? This 2023 Austin, Texas, wedding trend might take the crown.

If you’re looking for an Austin, Texas, wedding planner with connections ranging from live music to local farmers (we’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty and doing it all), In Ink Weddings & Events is exactly that. You can learn more about our services and unparalleled Austin connections here.

Outdoor ceremonies

The pandemic saw a surge in outdoor ceremonies. And while saying I do outside is no longer mandatory, it is a way to incorporate nature and commemorate your union against the backdrop of some of Austin’s most awe-inspiring landscapes.

The Texas Hill Country, the banks of the Colorado River, and the terraces of the wine country are some of the popular outdoor locations couples are wedding. Whether you’re opting for an outside wedding venue or just part of your day outdoors, it’s a wonderful way to incorporate your connection to the state.

Eco-Friendly weddings

Sustainability is top of all our minds. The increasing demand for us to live more sustainable lifestyles means many 2023 Austin, Texas couples are embracing eco-friendly weddings.

Couples are using recycled decor materials, choosing local vendors, and prioritizing biodegradable or reusable items. And, with the help of an industry professional, these couples aren’t subject to the price tag and compromises that often come with sustainable alternatives.

Should I include one of these 2023 Austin, Texas wedding trends in my special day?

We’re strong believers that your wedding day is yours. And no planner, designer, or vendor can tell you what you should or shouldn’t have. With this in mind, it’s your decision whether you incorporate one of these trends into your wedding. We believe all these Austin, Texas, 2023 wedding trends are a worthwhile addition to 2023 weddings, and we’re excited to see more Texan couples embrace them during the planning process.

Are you searching for a planner who understands current trends and has the connections to make them your own?

As you might be able to tell, we’re a little trend-obsessed. But not in the TikTok, gen Z kind of way.

We believe in purposefully incorporating trends that align with you and executing them at the highest quality. This means we study Austin wedding trends and find ways to make them custom to our couples. We also have an ever-expanding network of Austin-based businesses and professionals who promise to deliver these trends at the same In Ink Weddings & Events standard.

Discover how we can work together to make these trends your own via our services page or inquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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