December 18, 2023

How Much To Tip Wedding Vendors: The Ultimate Guide

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“How much should I be tipping my wedding vendors? Additionally, does everyone get a tip or is it select vendors?” Good news – you’re about to receive the low down for much to tip your Austin wedding vendors.

How much to tip wedding vendor.

Okay, tell me how much to tip wedding vendors.

We’re going to break this down by vendor and where it’s standard to tip vs. optional.

Standard Gratuity + How Much to Tip Wedding Vendors

Bartenders: Unless there is a tip jar, $50 – $100 per person. If there is a tip jar and they do an exceptional job, go ahead and give them a “job well done” with additional gratuity.

Catering Staff: Take a look at your catering invoice, the FOOD COST (not the entire invoice for catering), and tip 18% – 20% of that, just as you would at a restaurant. Keep in mind that some catering companies already figure gratuity into their bill, so be sure to check ahead of time.

Hair and Makeup: We encourage 18% – 20%. I recommend checking if the bill already includes this.

Planner: Tipping a planner is contingent on the level of service you booked (such as event management vs. full-service planning). The recommendation is either 10% of your planning package or $200 – $1,000.

Optional Gratuity + How Much to Tip Wedding Vendors

Florist: $100 – $300 (Dependent on the level of installation performed.)

Photographer / Videographer: $100 – $500 (Typically, a second shooter is involved. Your main photographer or videographer should receive more than their second.)

Ceremony Musicians: $25 per musician

DJ: $100 – $300

Band: $25 – $50 per member (This should include their set-up crew and sound engineer.)

Transportation: $50 – $100 per driver

Bakery Delivery Driver: $20 – $50

Rental Delivery Crew: $25 – $50 per staff member

Security: $20 – $50 per guard

Venue Staff: $50 – $100 (If a staff member went above and beyond to help execute your wedding day, go ahead with this thank you.)


Hired Officiant: $50 – $100

Lighting Crew: $20 – $50 per staff member installing

But honestly, do you know what the greatest form of gratuity is?

A 5-star review. For most vendors, your review means the world to them – it not only lets them know how they’re doing/where they can improve, but you’re also paving the way for new couples to see their expertise. Reviews are a strong powerhouse for the wedding industry and are always so, so very appreciated. Even a “thank you” note to a vendor who brought your wedding day to life can bring a sweet grin! While tipping a wedding vendor is certainly a kind gesture, your words have so much power as well.

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