October 4, 2023

Tasty N/A Alternatives To Capture Your Sober-Curious Wedding Guests

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It’s no secret that a N/A lifestyle or a *sober-curious* outlook is absolutely trending. Honestly, who would’ve thought that’d be such a thing? However, I must admit, after taking a new medication and being forced to lay off weekend drinks, it was quite enlightening – fun actually! I found so many unique mocktails to make, enjoyed *not* having a hangover the next day, and even learned that it’s 100% possible to socialize without a libation in hand. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a gin-martini girl for life. But as sober-curious lifestyles continue to trend, I’d say it’s absolutely worth considering for your wedding guests. Here are some of my fav tasty N/A alternatives that your wedding guests are sure to love.

The Typical Tasty N/A Alternative: Mocktails

Have you noticed more and more restaurants adding mocktails to their menus? I’m in LOVE. Sometimes, you just need a fizzy drink in a cute glass with a bright garnish. Is that too much to ask? Recently, I went to a vendor networking event that had all boozy options on their signature drink menu. However, after asking if they could make a N/A version of the cucumber cocktail, they absolutely accommodated – and was it delicious!

Bon Appetit has put together a great list of mocktails that “aren’t just juice”.

For your next catering/bar tasting, be sure to ask if they have any dual drink options (boozy and non) or any fun mocktail that they love to serve!

What about my beer people?

Let me first disclaim, no N/A beer is 100% alcohol free. They typically continue a very minute amount, but for our friends who are through and through sober, mocktails may be the better option. BUT – if your guest is fine with less than 0.5% ABV, let’s get at it.

I’m a BIG IPA girl (Electric Jellyfish from Pint House Pizza in Austin, TX being one of my favs), but sometimes it’s merely the flavor I crave. Enter “Run Wild” by Atheltic Brewing Co. Ya’ll, I was flabbergasted when I first tried this. It tastes JUST like a regular IPA. Skunky, distinct, perfect. They have an array of other “beers” such as tasty N/A alternatives that resemble canned lite beer, blonde ales, stouts, and even a Corona and lime.

And my seltzer boys and babes?

Canned sparkling water with a lime, lemon, or orange garnish all *clap* the *clap* way *clap*. Waterloo, Bubly, and Topochico are my favorite brands when it comes to sparkling water. TBH, they all start to taste the same after a while. However, the moral of the story is, if it’s something bubbly it’s something fun!

And my vibrant vino lovers?

I know you’re already aware of Welch’s sparkling grape juice and Martinelli’s sparkling cider, so what else is there? I recently came across Katy Perry’s NA wine, De Soi. They are sparkling and include adaptogens (giving a mellow feel). While I wouldn’t say they’re like straight-up wine, they remind me a bit of kombucha (which ya girl loves). A bit on the pricier side for guests, but if you are the bride/groom getting married and want an N/A alternative, it could be a great option!

If you’re wanting to be REALLY COOL with tasty N/A alternatives for drinkers and non, how about. . . .

A late-night espresso cart!

Not only will your guests love the pick-me-up to keep them bumpin’ on the dance floor, your vendors will too! *wink* A few fav carts of mine include Creature Cofee and Luna Espresso. Never has late-night coffee not been a hit.

I hope these spark some great N/A alternative ideas for your wedding day!

Honestly, the limit is endless and the possibilities beyond juice or soda is abundant. So have fun with some of these alternatives – you’ll never go wrong with a tasty drink in a fun glass, boozy or not! Cheers!

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