February 22, 2023

How To Include Black and White Wedding Inspiration: Wish Well House

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Sydney Meyer

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We’ve always heard that black and white wedding inspiration will always be a timeless, classic look. But is it just me, or has it been trending recently in the BEST way? Whether it is or not, I’m here for Austin, TX weddings that *pause* on the quirky for a hot second to bring forth a forever on-trend black and white wedding design.

Today, we’re taking a look at Cassie and Cody’s STUNNING wedding at the far-from-ordinary Wish Well House just north of Austin, TX.

A black and white wedding - couple poses for a wedding photo in front of a building.

Let’s start with classic black & white wedding attire

I love that our wedding party went with the flattering black tux and bridesmaid dresses but the real show-stopper was Cassie’s dress. It certainly was set apart from the contrast of the groomsmen and bridesmaids – just as any bride should be!

A bride donning her black and white wedding dress in an elegant room.

The minimalistic black & white wedding tablescape decor was *chef’s kiss*

Taper candles, bud vases, repeat. So simple yet so romantic. The design itself felt very clean and modern, giving the reception a sophisticated look. This is one of my favorite parts about the venue, Wish Well House. With an all-white reception space, the possibilities with a blank canvas are endless. While this black and white wedding design boasts a classic look, we’ve seen the space very easily turned into a bold, vibrant atmosphere bursting with color.

Let’s talk about implementing flowers in a classic wedding design

Mabry with The Flowered Blue is a fantastic florist that understands the basis of floral balance. White flowers were sprinkled throughout the guest tables while the eye was drawn to a beautiful cloud of baby’s breath above the head table. I greatly admired this look because the room felt so cohesive without having to go over the top.

A black and white wedding reception with a bride and groom clapping at their table.

Speaking of admiration, I didn’t know an all-white bouquet could be such a show-stopper until I saw Cassie’s. The key? Texture, texture, texture. And of course – a fun ribbon to tie it all together. Quite literally. *Wink*

White roses in a vase on a table at a black and white wedding.

What about dessert?

Ya’ll, our couple selected a chai-flavored cake and it did *clap* not *clap* disappoint *clap*. Keeping with the black and white wedding design, the cake was adorned with all-white frosting and crowned with a black cake topper. I’m not sure about any dessert that is the color black, but I can absolutely see myself decking out a dessert table with black macaroons. Food for thought – what flavor would they be??

We get it, black and white wedding design is forever here to stay!

With the decorations, attire, cake, and flowers, you can easily create a beautiful, timeless look that your guests will surely love. So, if you’re looking for a classic color scheme for your special day, consider going with black and white.

Still unsure? We’d love to develop a custom design for you and narrow down a color palette that is timeless, yet bursts with your personality. Check out our services here!

A bride in a white wedding dress sitting on a chair.
A groom in a black tuxedo poses for a black and white wedding photo.
Black and white wedding invitations and shoes on the floor.
A black and white wedding table.
A black and white themed wedding reception is showcased with a wooden table.
An arrangement of white flowers on a table at a black and white wedding.
White roses in a wooden vase placed on a checkered floor, perfect for a black and white wedding.
Bride and groom holding a wedding bouquet.
Two black and white vases with flowers on a checkered floor at a wedding venue.
A black and white wedding where a bride and groom exchange vows in front of a white building.
A black and white wedding cake on a table in front of a window.
Black and white wedding photo of the bride and groom walking down the street.
A group of bridesmaids and groomsmen walking down the street at a black and white wedding.

A black and white bride in a robe sitting in front of a mirror.

Vendor Team

DJ: Byrne Rock
Florist: The Flowered Blue
Photographer: Heather Wise Photography
Venue: Wish Well House
Catering: Sapphire Catering and Events
Hair+Makeup: Valerie Lopez
Officiant: I Pronounce You
Coordination: In Ink Weddings + Events

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